Wake Up and Smell the Marketing

So I was listening to the radio and there are these two people who go buy the name America’s cheapest family and they said something that reminded me that marketing is all around us. If you go to a grocery store, you will undoubtedly see turkeys on sale at unbelievable prices. Just know that those poor turkeys are just the loss leader to get you in to the store.

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Do you Live in Fear or Opportunity?

Times are tough, the economy is about to have a heart attack, and
businesses are cutting back, and closing shop. Are you among the masses that
has given themselves over to the sky is falling, so I better go eat worms
mentality, or are you among the few who believe that with everyone else
shrinking back this is your opportunity to shine?

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Is your Business Suffering from a Lack of Knowledge?

I need to write this post. It is not a post on business growth, marketing copy writing or social media This post goes a lot deeper.
You see, there is something terribly wrong with our country, and with the way we handle money. If you just look at the fact that we are over twelve trillion dollars in debt, and we are digging the hole deeper every day, by the spending binge that has infected Washington, I think it is clear that we have a problem.
But where and how did it start?

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The Edge of Web 3.0

Hey all, I just got back from Word Camp Phoenix, and I got something really cool that I wanted to share with you immediately. Merlin Mann, onne of the speakers gave this truly awesome quote that I think sums up the future of social media in a few short sentences.

“Web 3.0 is web 2.0 filtered. Are you a part of the noise, or are you the filter?”

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