What the Bible Says About Multiple Streams of Income

In this episode I talk about what the Bible says about multiple streams of income. I also talk about why we need many streams of income. This week’s sponsor is Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson. Link:  www.teresablaes.com/traffic No matter what you’re doing, you need traffic, and this book is a good way to get it. … Read more

How to fix a broken financial education system; An Interview with Brian Fouts

In this episode, I interview Brian Fouts of the Elevation Group We talk about… Our broken financial education system and what to do about it The difference between active and passive income The three-step action plan to building wealth that  Brian only shares with his top clients The definition of infinite banking and so much … Read more

Is your Business Suffering from a Lack of Knowledge?

I need to write this post. It is not a post on business growth, marketing copy writing or social media This post goes a lot deeper.
You see, there is something terribly wrong with our country, and with the way we handle money. If you just look at the fact that we are over twelve trillion dollars in debt, and we are digging the hole deeper every day, by the spending binge that has infected Washington, I think it is clear that we have a problem.
But where and how did it start?

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