Do you Live in Fear or Opportunity?

Times are tough, the economy is about to have a heart attack, and
businesses are cutting back, and closing shop. Are you among the masses that
has given themselves over to the sky is falling, so I better go eat worms
mentality, or are you among the few who believe that with everyone else
shrinking back this is your opportunity to shine?

You see it all starts with how you think. If you are content to
drink the media Kool-Aid, well no one is buying my stuff because they don’t
have the cash, so I better look to the government to save me from economic
failure, then for you these are the worst of times, and you will be just
another casualty.

However, if you are one that believes that while things are a little
rough, it is the perfect time to move and grab the market share that
your competitors have left behind, then for you these are the best of times
because untapped opportunities and under utilized assets lie around every

So what camp do you fall in? Are you going to live in fear or in

Now let me be clear, I am not saying to be reckless with your cash flow,
rather, be willing to advance the growth of your business rather than
retreat with the masses.

To your success,
Teresa Blaes

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