What are Biblical wealth strategies? An Interview with Jared Williams

In this episode of the Teresa Blaes Show, Teresa discusses critical points and strategies regarding investment, with Jared Williams from Biblical Wealth Solutions. Also the host of the Biblical Wealth Podcast and Building Biblical Families Podcast, Jared shares from his pool of knowledge, describing the concept of Biblical wealth and Biblically Responsible Investing. Be educated … Read more

48 Days Book, 20th Anniversary Release; An Interview with Dan Miller

In this episode of The Teresa Blaes Show, Teresa features Dan Miller (author of the New York Times best-selling book “48 Days To the Work You Love” and host of the 48 Days Podcast), and Michael Blaes from Social Hazard Radio. They discuss different approaches towards finding work, with emphasis on new challenges following the economic climate caused by the pandemic.

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Interview with Micah Claycamp

In this episode of The Teresa Blaes show, Teresa features Micah Claycamp, the originator, and owner of the thriving art business, Micah Doodles. He shares his journey so far on how a God-given simple talent turned into a lucrative business.

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