Theres Gold in Them There Hills!; What makes Entrepreneur tick

I was watching a show last night called Gold Rush about this guy who found a spot of land in Alaska, which he believed to have some gold in it. so, he being the high fighting entrepreneur that he is, decided to sell everything to buy the equipment, hire a crew, and strike it rich: all for a dream and what some would say a gamble and wishful thinking.

And while this show may seem a little extreme, in fact I was guilty of saying you are going to risk it all for a chance at some gold?
Then my husband reminded that that is exactly what we are doing, mining for gold in our business.

You see when you decide that you want to start your own business, you do it perhaps to earn a little more money, but ultimately you do it for the thrill, the dream of creating something out of nothing and making it big in your own industry.

To be honest, it can be somewhat addictive, because your next question is what is the next challenge that I can undertake, the next business that I can start, where will my next bit of gold come from?

When someone says comes to you sick of their job, you can just grin because you know that as long as you keep moving forward in your business, you will eventually strike it Rich. You will earn the money that you desire and more important than that, you will have beaten the odds and now onward and upward

I Would love your thoughts on this one,

To your success,
Teresa Blaes

P.S. I am not saying that mining for gold is your only motivation, in fact it would be a problem if it is, but I believe that it might give you a clue-in to the entrepreneurial spirit.

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