Got Bugs in your Business

got bugs in your business?
This week, I had to have my home fumigated, because I had a nasty bug problem. Going through this process got me to thinking, have you got bugs in your business? What I mean is, do you have things crawling around in your business that are sucking your time and energy down are you struggling to keep things running efficiently? If so, you need to purge them you need to get rid of them and here are a few things that you can do.

First ask yourself these questions, is their anything that I am doing that someone else can do better?

Is their an asset in my business that I am not using effectively, or leveraging to get most effect?

is there someone in my business that is not working to their highest potential even if that someone is me. If so, what can I do about that to make them better at what they do are there any processes that are redundant and thus less effective?

Once you ask some of these questions, then you need to answer them, and more importantly, fix the bugs that these questions reveal.