Market their way, not yours

-On-line, on-air, in your pocket.-
-Call, click, text.-

What do these two phrases have in common? They both have at their core, ease of access or interaction.

The first one is a spot used by Glenn Beck to indicate all the ways that people can interact and listen to his content. The second was a liner used by Radiou during their last unleash the music campaign, to indicate all the ways that people could donate to their station.

What can we draw from these two examples of marketing? First, in both cases, they didn’t belabor the point, they condensed their message in to one line, three words in length, but you know exactly what they are trying to get across, and you know exactly how you can choose to interact with them.

Second, they have an option for all the needs of their market. In the case of Beck, he makes it clear that “You can listen to me wherever you want”, weather it be on the radio, on line, or in your pocket with a smart phone, or tablet device. In the case of radiou, they listed in that short liner just how people could donate to support their station and cause. What’s the point?

I believe it comes down to two things. First, people will listen- IF you give your content to them the way they want it. I spoke on this before in previous blog posts, so I won’t belabor the point, but I see these statements as solid reminders of what we should strive for in our marketing. Second, people will buy if you make it easy for them. In the case of radio, people had multiple options to speak, or donate to them, which again goes back to, “Don’t just give me your content, or ask me to part with my money, but give me your content the way I want to receive it, and make it easy for me to pay you the way I want”.

Finally, what we are dealing with, is a matter of control. Both of these campaigns offered their market base a sense of control and the ability to choose. If you can do that, then you are gaining a foothold in the mind of your customers and prospects.

I’d love your thoughts on this!
Teresa Blaes.