Considering your Brand?

If you take a moment to consider your branding there are a few things you will want to take in to account. First, are you looking to develop a brand for a company or for yourself? There are advantages to either option. If you develop your brand as a company think of Google or Apple, then you can work behind the scenes and develop an asset that you can then sell or leverage later. On the other hand, if you develop yourself as a brand, think of Steve Jobs, Rich Scheffrin, or Jay Abraham. In this case, people get to know you and you can present yourself as an instant celebrity. This allows the authority of your name and your brand. Let’s say you were to author a book, then people might be willing to buy from you because they trust your recommendation and they trust your backing of other products as well. Furthermore, when you cement your branding, whether as an authority or as a company, you gain your market share of the clients attention and that is a valuable commodity indeed.

So which is better, branding yourself or branding your company? The best scenario is that you do both, but again, it all goes back to what you are looking to do. For example, Michael Masterson is well known as a marketer, investor, and all around businessmen. He runs the company Agoria publishing, which is known for publishing, investment, health and wellness and self-improvement newsletters. Their USP, or unique selling proposition, is that they want their readers to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. As for Masterson, he is a well known author of many books.

So, in conclusion, consider your branding. Whether you want to brand yourself, your company, or both.

To your success,

Teresa Blaes

P.S. – Speaking of books, I never want it said that I don’t write about what I don’t do. To this end, I have a new book coming in the near future. I will write more on this in future blog posts. Also, I want your feed back, what experiences have you had with branding, do you have any tips or advice? If so, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.