Manage your Social Media Space Using only your Voice

Ok, I have a few suggestions on what to do when your mobile phone isn’t all that compatible with the social media space. By that I mean, if you don’t have a PDA, and you really don’t know how to do the whole mobile web surfing thing.

My answer, What is Jott? It is a service that allows you to post on twitter via voice transcription, manage your too do list, and read your favorite blog feeds using your cell phone. I’m starting to use it, and I am loving every minute of it.

I am finding it extremely useful for posting to twitter on the go, and I am looking forward to seeing how well the other features work.

In future posts, I will be reviewing other social media sites that I am currently using, and how they can be integrated for maximum exposure.

God Bless,
Teresa Blaes

P.S. If anyone has any experience using Jott, please post your thoughts here, and also, for someone just jumping in to the arena, do you have any words of wisdom?

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