Social Media Goes to Washington

Has anyone noticed how social media is impacting the political land scape? Now I realize that this subject is going off the beaten path, but, I think that there is a lesson to be learned, and application to be made. Consider this, John McCain, and Barack Obama both realize that more and more people want to receive their information via the internet rather than traditional media. And further more, people want to talk about what they find. In fact, do to the invent of blogs, videos, social networking, pod casting and more, anyone who has an opinion can become a political commentator if they so choose. Case in point, see my last twitter post.

So, how have the two political candidates taken advantage of the social media frenzy? By engaging the people on Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, face book and more. Granted this is nothing new, but what is new is each candidate has created a social network for the purpose of their supporters joining together in order to spread their message.

In conclusion, with us living in this new media age, I do not believe that this presidential election will be won by more television adds, or radio campaigns alone, because the news is in the hands of the people and in the end, it is the people who will decide who has earned the right to become the next president of the United States

What can we learn from the marketing campaigns’ of John McCain and Barack Obama, and how can we use their example to market ourselves better? I look forward to reading your responses’.

God bless, Teresa Blaes