The Mastermind; An Interview with Marc MacWhinney

In this episode of the Teresa Blaes Show, Teresa features Marc Mawhinney, host of Natural Born Coaches podcast and founder of “The Coaching Jungle” on Facebook. He gives some insight into the concept of Masterminds with practical strategies that can be adopted in the day-to-day running of a Mastermind group.

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Conversation Highlights

[01:08] Teresa recommends Kadosh Media ( ) to launch new podcasts.

[01:41] Marc introduces his work with coaches which is focused on using organic strategies to get more clients without typical heavy investment in ads

[03:07] A mastermind essentially involves two brains coming together for mutual benefit

[05:03] The format of a Mastermind

[08:21] Starting a Mastermind should not be free, because if people are not investing in it, they may not take it seriously

[11:00] Teresa shares that Marc’s newsletters are highly beneficial for anyone going into coaching

[11:30] The intentional strategy behind Marc’s pricing

[14:36] The toughest person to convince that you’re worth charging more is yourself

[15:47] Marc’s recommendation for starting a Mastermind

[16:43] Marc’s sales page:

[29:28] If you want to start a mastermind, don’t overthink it, you have very little to lose

[31:04] Teresa advises that while starting your own mastermind, also be a part of one being led by someone else

[31:10] How are to contact Marc

Facebook: The coaching jungle

For Marc’s podcast:

For his work with coaches:

Marc’s Mastermind:

[32:52] For Facebook groups, when anyone looks at the title or name of your group, it should be clear who it’s for or what it’s about


Remarkable Quotes:

[13:27] “You really want to know who your target market is”

[14:36] “The toughest person to convince that you’re worth charging more is the person looking back at you in the mirror”

[33:47] “Knuckle up and take action”

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