Interview with Micah Claycamp

In this episode of The Teresa Blaes show, Teresa features Micah Claycamp, the originator, and owner of the thriving art business, Micah Doodles. He shares his journey so far on how a God-given simple talent turned into a lucrative business.

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Conversation Highlights

[00:52] Teresa recommends the book, Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson to help website owners gain more traffic and offers a free copy on her website

[01:34] Micah narrates the story behind Micah Doodles and also introduces himself as a graphics Designer and an Assistant Pastor.

[03:11] Hobbies become businesses when people start paying you to do what you like to do

[04:24} Micah shares some of his marketing strategies as well as different approaches to increase productivity and versatility

[08:43] You could have something and be amazing at it but if people aren’t seeing it, then you’re missing an opportunity

[11:10] A walkthrough of the whole process from contacting Micah till the final Doodle is complete

[11:56] In business, you get a lot of people who are curious and some people who are serious, you need to know the difference between the two

[15:29] Micah shares that he also prays for God’s wisdom when trying to make decisions for his business

[16:31] One reason for his efficiency and unique ability to draw live, with the client watching, is having a clear process in mind that enables him to know exactly what to do at each point.

[17:40] Getting your reviews posted on your website or Facebook page also is a form of marketing

[18:50] “Take what you like to do and put it in front of people’s eyes”

[21:00] Micah’s Doodles in the ministry of the gospel

[23:30] We are going to be judged based on what we did with the talents that God gave us.

[25:35] It’s not so much what you do for the Lord, it’s what God has done for you

[25:59] Contact Micah:


Remarkable Quotes

[07:55] “The phone is the TV of today”

[18:14] “It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to do, just get started”

[18:50] “Take what you like to do and put it in front of people’s eyes”

[19:33] “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

[23:51] “As a believer you have to realize that there’s always a bigger thing going on, if God’s given you something, He’s given it to you for a reason”

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