The Edge of Web 3.0

Hey all, I just got back from Word Camp Phoenix, and I got something really cool that I wanted to share with you immediately. Merlin Mann, onne of the speakers gave this truly awesome quote that I think sums up the future of social media in a few short sentences.

“Web 3.0 is web 2.0 filtered. Are you a part of the noise, or are you the filter?”

Here is what I mean, Paul Colligan said it best, “Web 1.0 was when you could just put a web site up, and give people your information on your terms. Now, this is no longer the case Web 2.0 is you giving your content on your reader’s terms.”

So, when you break it down, what does all of that stuff mean? Simple it means control. You see, it used to be that you could just put up a web page, drive some traffic to it, and then call it a day. Now, you have to

allow for the possibility that people may not want to receive your information via your web site, Instead they may want to have it delivered into their blog reader, or receive it on their mobile phone. The way people consume information is no longer in your hands. As such, if

you want to meet your market’s demand, you must provide information in the way that they want to receive it.

So, how do you do this? Well, lets say that you record an mp3 about the top ten things you should know about dog grooming, or investing in gold, or whatever. Well, how are you going to deliver that mp3? You could slap it on your site, and then call it a day, or you could get the mp3 transcribed into an article, and post the article to your site as well as the mp3 for those who

would rather read then listen to what you have to say, then you could take it one step further and take the article and the mp3 and convert them both in to a down loadable format, and put it up on Itunes so that all people have to do is subscribe to your podcast feed. Plus the article that you wrote would be sent to their RSS readers, so that your information is available for them when they are ready for it.

Are you starting to get the picture? We are in a web 2.0 generation, and we are on the edge of web 3.0 where control is almost an illusion, and the motto of

people is give me your information when I want, where I want it, and how I want it, and I well let you know if it is any good.

Please give Me your thoughts, and I will write more soon.

To your success, Teresa Blaes