You can’t afford to be average

Have you ever sat down to buy something, and then think “Why did I just do that?”

We all have, it’s called buyer’s remorse. I have been a fan of new tech for a long time. I haven’t always purchased new stuff, but I am always interested in it, and the advancements we are making.

For example when Apple released their latest iPhone, I was hesitant to upgrade, that was until they came out with the iPhone mini. The smaller form factor, and faster interface had me sold. I didn’t care for the camera as much, but given I had such small hands, the idea of a phone I could hold in one hand, and not have to stretch as much appealed.

Now I could have bought the IPhone SE, but then I would have had to go back to using a home button, and that to me felt like a setback.

What does this have to do with marketing? Everything. See Apple released a form factor they knew would take off because of the previous success of the IPhone SE line. People bought this thing in droves, and so Apple doubled down on what was working. They created a phone for everyone, no matter what size you wanted.

So, what about you? How can you adapt your marketing to reflect the needs of your market?

An old mentor of mine used to have a saying, “find a gap in the market and fill it. This is what you need to do. How can you serve your market better than anyone else? For example, there are many podcast production companies, but we saw a need to serve faith based podcasters. Thus Kadosh Media was created. Russel Brunson did the same thing, by creating Click funnels. There were many page builders on the market, but he decided to create a platform where you could build all of your funnels in one place.

Russel had first mover advantage, and while many knock off funnel builders have come to the market, none of them have succeeded in surpassing what Click Funnels does. I hope with these examples you are starting to get the idea.

An average company is a dead company. In these times, you can’t afford to be an average, middle-of-the-pack sort of company.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you know any other companies that fit the mottle I have described?

Feel free to let me know.

Until next I write,

Let’s go do this thing!

God bless,
Teresa Blaes