Why do you ruthlessly manage your social networks?

There comes a time when you must be ruthless with your intent. Almost to the point of cut-throat. Let me explain.

Social media is one of the biggest assets, but it is also one of the biggest time-sucks out there to date, outside of online gaming. Millions of people go on these networks to connect, and like and do all the other reactions programmed into the social algorithms.

There is also the problem that Facebook and the other big tech social networks do not like some niches, and deliberately discriminate against them, de-platforming them. With that understanding, I use them in the spaces and niches that I work for as long as they will have me.

I also encourage my clients to have the same mentality.

With this as the backdrop, how do you tame this beast? Simply by using the algorithm to your advantage, here’s what I mean.

I know that Facebook will only show me what I interact with I also know that to big tech I am nothing but data, and data is product. Therefore, I use this to my own aims. I only let myself use it for short periods, and I only go on to look for marketing opportunities, and networking.

I go in to my niche groups to offer value, and ask questions.

It is through this that I have gained podcast guests for both Unresolved Life, and the Teresa Blaes show.


There are some things that I will not do, because they are time wasters. These things include political debates, or other meaningless talk.

I have other platforms to share those views, and I do use the social networks, but when I am on the social networks for the most part, I am working, trying to grow my podcasts, and offer value to those I believe could use it.

How about you, are you ruthless with your social media time ?

Do you control it, or does it demand control of you?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

In any case,

Let’s go do this thing!

Teresa Blaes

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  1. This is a big challenge for me! I spend a lot of time managing social media accounts for myself and clients, so I inevitably spend a lot of time on social networks. I am still tweaking my system to ensure that I engage in a constructive way without being sucked into the black hole of Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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