The best ways to publish content in 2019 are…

The best ways to publish content 

I believe that one of the effective and best ways to publish content is using the form of podcasting I believe this for many reasons.

First, it is so easy to just grab a mic, or even your phone hit record and create content. Second, the people who are listening to the podcasts intentionally want your voice in their ears.

And with the frontier of voice with Amazon Alexa, and google home and Apple devices, all someone has to do is activate the device in question, and say play a particular podcast, and it will play it.

There is also the fact that podcasting is becoming more and more mainstream each year. How many radio personalities have you heard about leaving traditional radio, and moving to a podcasting format?

Further how many radio shows can be consumed in podcast form, even if you move out of the city the show started in? I do this with the Doug and Wolf show out of Arizona, even though I now live out of state.

In conclusion Podcasting must be in your mix of content creation strategies as well as live video, stories on the social networks, and many other methods, but if you were to start with podcasting, you would be well on your way to creating a conversation with your customer base and your market that you hope to minister to.

If you need help getting your podcast started, reach out to me. If you want to see an example of the kind of podcasts you can create, check out my two shows.

The Teresa Blaes show,
And the Unresolved Life Podcast.
To your success,
Teresa Blaes.