Picking your Marketing Channel

This week on the Teresa Blaes show, I talk about picking your marketing channel,  depending on what company or ministry you are trying to start. This week sponsor is kadoshmedia.com Please listen and share.


This week on the Teresa blaze show, I talk about when is the right time to invest in yourself. I give some examples and I share what I’m doing to do just that. This week’s sponsor is howtogetbusiness. credit  Please listen and share

Coming into the New Year, One step at a time

This week on the Teresa Blaes show, I take you behind the scenes on what it’s like to launch a new brand, especially one in what would be considered a high-risk market. I also share what that brand is, and explain some of the struggles that go into doing what we’re doing. You can check … Read more

How long should a podcast be?

This week on the Teresa Blaes show, I answer a question that came up from someone on Twitter how long should your podcast episode be? I go in-depth on the topic and I answer the question. This week’s sponsor is howtogetbusiness.credit Join my community at 575-223-1596 send a text, and  follow the instructions that follow