My Takeaways From a Week Long Podcast Launch

The Teresa Blaes show is live!
So after a lot of blood, sweat and tears the show I said was coming is now live and waiting for you to dive into. You can listen here on this site, or you can go to iTunes and subscribe there.
I wanted to give you a take away from the launch of this new show for the weekend.
First, don’t assume your timing.
I submitted the show to iTunes on Monday, and I thought they would approve it in a couple of days.  Boy was I wrong.
I remember day after day all this week checking my phone every single stinking time an e-mail would come in.
This only served to remind me that God has a unique measure of time, and clearly I need to work on being patient.
Next, while you are waiting, ask yourself what else you can do, after you have done everything to get the podcast ready, and submitted.
For me, it was writing down content ideas, doing Instagram lives, setting up interviews, and more.
Third, remember even after your show is accepted,  the real work has just begun. Now you have to focus on marketing.
No one is going to hop on and listen because you suddenly get it in iTunes. No, you have to announce it, and we live in a time when there is no better way to do that than to leverage the internet and social marketing platforms.
Finally, remember that even if God tells you to launch a podcast, blog, or video channel, remember that if it is God-approved, it will without a doubt be enemy opposed. This means you must bathe it in prayer.
That said, let’s go do this thing.
God bless,
Teresa Blaes

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