Is Multi-level marketing a viable business model?

In this episode I discuss the viability of the mult-level marketing business model Please listen and share


Announcer 0:10 Whether you want to start a faith based business or an online ministry, you’ve come to the right place. This is the Teresa Blaes show with your host, Teresa Blaes, where she’s bringing her over 20 years of consulting experience to the mic. Now, here’s Teresa.

Teresa Blaes 0:32 Hi, I’m Teresa Blaes. And welcome to the Teresa Blaes Show, we are wrapping up our discussion of the different business models you can take. And trust me by no means have I scratched the surface of different types of business model, I’m only talking about the ones that I have personally engaged in and receive revenue from. But we’re wrapping up with an oldie but a goodie. And it’s one that I actually did a series I did a series on, we’re talking about multi level marketing. Now this is very similar to affiliate marketing, believe it or not, very similar. You buy in for the rights to promote a product. That’s essentially what you’re doing. For example, my husband has been an associate with a multi level company for a very long time. I’m not going to tell you which one he’s been associated for, because it doesn’t matter. Okay. But you know what, every once in a while, we get a nice little check from them. its owner box, we you know, what, tell you some, you know, if we want to do we can ramp it up. But every year, we get a little nice little check. And it’s it’s it’s it’s a recurring revenue stream, I sell water filtration systems through a multi level company. And guess what? I get nice little checks that way. You know, again, as with the affiliate marketing, I’ve seen it done wrong, and I’ve seen it done right. It really comes down to knowing how best you operate. And, you know, moving within that framework, and I’m going to actually talk about some ways. Maybe I’m going to do a series. Yeah, I think I’m going to do a series coming up on how to promote other people’s products. Whether it be an MLM, and affiliate, it doesn’t matter. I’m not talking about how best to do that. And what I’m actually working on and what I’m in the process of doing. So. But multi level marketing, if not done in the old fashioned, drawn out, garbage way it can be done. And you know what, you can make a good chunk of money from that. In any case, I’m Teresa Blaes. This has been the Teresa Blaes show. Let’s go do this thing.

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