Can you make money on EBAY and Amazon?

in this episode, I discuss if it is possible to make money on EBAY and Amazon. I share some examples of how we have made money on both of these Platforms. Please listen and share.


Announcer 0:10 Whether you want to start a faith-based business or an online ministry, you’ve come to the right place. This is the Teresa Blaes show with your host, Teresa Blaes, where she’s bringing her over 20 years of consulting experience to the mic. Now, here’s Teresa.

Teresa Blaes 0:32 Hi, I’m Teresa Blaes. And welcome to the Teresa Blaes show. We are continuing our series on the different types of business models that you can get involved in. And today we are talking about eBay and Amazon.

As you know, eBay. eBay has a special place in my heart. Why? Because it’s where I first cut my teeth in entrepreneurship. It’s where I got introduced to the idea that you can do something, sell something and make money to get kind of give a brief overview. I talked about this early on when I first started this podcast because it was so crucial to my development as an entrepreneur.

I talked about this, the fact that Mike had given me a sort of Ginsu knives, and I ended up selling them and making money and realizing, you mean, I can write something and people buy, I kind of like doing that, you know, because I wrote this ad, not knowing a lick of marketing, not knowing what I was doing. But I started getting creative with my ad copy and it worked. And it was just really cool. And I was kind of ruined for anything else. After that, you know, I didn’t want a job. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. That said, this was not the only encounter I had with eBay and Amazon.

I remember when he sends me into this dollar store and he says, I want you to find stuff that’ll sell.

What am I supposed to look for that I’ll sell? I didn’t know. But I gave it my best shot, I brought a bunch of junk home, to my knowledge, not a single one of its own. But you know what? I understood what he was doing, he was getting me into the idea of look for things that will sell, bring them home, and let’s put them up and see what happens. I’ve had some wins, and I’ve had some losses. Most recently was the water guns that we got ahold of, we got our holder like 20 water guns, and we were trying to sell them on Amazon, but we didn’t do our due diligence. And we ended up losing our shirt on the deal. But it’s okay. Right. You know, as I said, you win some you lose some going back to this arbitrage method where you go in to like local store, you go into clearinghouses, or you go into like, you know, clearance sections of Walmart or Target or you walk into pawn shops and you find stuff, okay, that they’re trying to get rid of you, you download a little app on your phone, on Amazon, and you look up that thing, whatever you’re looking at. And you see if it also you buy it, yes, that means putting out actual real dollars and you buy it, you take it home, and you put it up on Amazon or eBay. Whichever model you’re going to use. You know what, that’s a nice way to make some extra cash. If you’re trying to fund something. Maybe you’re trying to fund a venture that you’re working on, maybe you’re trying to fund your ministry. That’s a nice way to get a little bit extra cash. Okay, we’ve done it multiple times. I’m still in the game. I have a couple of friends and I’m working with right now that I am actually selling for on Amazon. I’m working on private labeling some stuff to sell on Amazon, and to sell other places. I will be back to tell you how those ventures go. But I just wanted to kind of open that up as an viable business model. Yes, you could do it. I loved it. It’s what I cut my teeth on and it’s what I still go back to from time to time when I get that itch to do it. I’m going to go back and I’m going to say what is really driven me all this time. No risk get no biscuit. I’m Teresa Blaes. This has been the Teresa Blaes show. Let’s go do this thing.

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