Can A Shadow Ban Affect Your Business

In this episode, I discuss what happens when social media sites don’t like the content you put out and shadow-ban you. We also discuss some steps you can take to circumvent the problem if it happens to you Please listen and share.


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Teresa Blaes 0:32 Hi, I’m Teresa Blaes. And welcome to the Teresa Blaes Show. Today we are talking about social media and its impact on your speech, on your message. Now, I was listening to a Gary Vee show now I haven’t really finished this particular episode. He was doing a keynote thing with Tyra Banks. Okay. And they got into a very interesting discussion. And the idea was, can a single tweet, ruin someone’s life? In that context, they dealt with maybe someone puts out something controversial, and someone else is confronted about it. And Gary Vee, and Tyra were on opposite sides of the issue. Now, I’m not going to get into all that. Have you want to go find that? You can. But I want to propose this, you know, as you are a minister of the gospel, or maybe you run a faith based business, so maybe you’ve chosen to take a stand for your values and your beliefs. Can taking a stand and social media, ruin your life, your reputation, your marketing, your livelihood? I would say that, in a way, yes. Because let’s face it, I’ve talked about in the past that social media is not your friend, okay? They have algorithms that where they are deliberately trying to take down conservatives that they don’t like, okay, they have rules that you can so easily violate, and suddenly you find yourself banned, or you are demonetized. So basically, you can’t make money on your videos anymore. using certain networks. I mean, you know, that this is the environment in which we are operating. So can social media ruin, ruin you as a whole? If you let it only define you? If you do not take measures to be able to still have an audience off of the platform? Then I would say, Yes, it can. If you do not take those measures, so you don’t build an asset. You don’t build an email list. You don’t create a community off of that platform. If you don’t take those steps. And all of a sudden, someone doesn’t like what you you’re doing. Someone doesn’t like the content you’re putting out, and neither does the network. What do you think’s going to happen? Are they going to listen to your protests? Nope. You’re one of the ones that is trying to build something for the glory of God. Do you honestly think they care what you think? they don’t. So I would strongly suggest, yes, use those platforms for as long as you want to, but do not use them and rely on them. Have a plan B or Plan C. Have ways to contact your people off of these platforms. Do not let them define your sole means of communication. I’m Teresa Blaes. This has been the Teresa Blaes show. Let’s go do this thing.

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