It’s Ok to Take A Break

This week on the Teresa Blaes show I talk about my return to podcasting after taking some time off and why it is ok to do the same. This week’s sponsor is h

How to Face Your ” Come to Jesus Moment”

In this episode, I discuss what it means to have a ” Come to Jesus Moment”  I share a few few heart-felt observations and tips of  how to overcome these painful yet necessary moments in your business. Sponsor:

How to Come Back From Failure

This week on the Teresa Blaes show, I’ll talk about how to rebound and come back from failure. What happens when you completely take a loss, and you have to get back up? This weeks sponsor is how to get business credit Please listen and share

What To Do When Everything Hits the Fan

This week on the Teresa Blaes show I talk about what you should do when everything hits the fan, and what that looks like. I offer some encouragement from the word, and give some practical tips. This week’s sponsor is Kadosh Media. Please subscribe and share the show. If you find value in this show, … Read more

I’m rebranding

 This week on the Teresa Blaes Show, I talk about a possible rebranding that I am considering I also ask for your feedback. Please give me your best feedback regarding The idea of the eternal capitalist. This week’s sponsor is Kadosh Media Please subscribe rate and review.

What’s in your software stack?

In this episode of the Teresa Blaes show, I talk about selecting your software stack and outlining your customer journey I recommend some tools for doing so as well. This week’s sponsor is the  2xcredit system www.howtogetbusiness. credit Please subscribe rate in review and share if this episode is helpful.