Why should you always be selling?

In this episode, I discuss why you should always be selling. Please listen and share.


Teresa Blaes 0:32 Hi, I’m Teresa Blaes. And welcome to the Teresa Blaes show. And today we’re talking about something that everybody should do, but not everybody does. In the Bible, it says that we’re to always have an answer for the hope that lies within us if you’re a believer, if you’re a Christian, right, in that case, it’s no matter what season in season out of season, no matter what you were supposed to have an answer for the hope that you have. Now, how does that apply in New York, foreigners face? Always be selling? The fact is, whether you are actively asking for money for something or not, you’re selling, you’re trying to get someone to buy into your idea. Okay, so how does that work? Well, Lee, last episode, we talked about your minimum viable product? Well, what happens when you actually release that, and let’s say you get some feedback, and people like what you’re doing, you’re still having to reinforce that idea. Okay. So what you do is you set up a campaign, you set up a funnel, you set up something that you can start following up with them, reinforcing, emailing them, you create content around that idea, was the end goal, to always be selling, always be evangelizing your idea, your product, your thing, whatever that thing happens to be. You’re just trying to get people on board with what you’re doing. And a lot of people when they hear selling the head, oh, you’re trying to ask for money? Not necessarily. A lot of times what you’re trying to do is get people to support a cause a brand, a message of ministry. So always be selling. And if you want a biblical context for that, check out in the Bible, I believe it’s in first or second, Peter Bry says, always give a reason for the hope that you have. Now in that context, and we admittedly, he’s talking about the hope that we have in Christ, but I believe the data can be applied here. So tell me what you think. Do you agree? Do you agree that once you release a minimally viable product, that you should now start crafting content around that product? Do you disagree? Do you think maybe I’ll miss applying that idea? I want to know. I’m Teresa Blaes. This has been the Teresa play show. Let’s go do this thing.