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In this episode of Teresa Bleas show, Teresa talks with Misty Philip, founder of Spark Media which includes Spark Christian Podcast Conference and Rocket Podcast Community and host of the By His Grace podcast. Misty inspires others through her speaking, and mastermind groups. She currently serves as the Houston Connect Leader for Christian Women In Media. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling Bible Study, The Struggle is Real: But So is God.


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Conversation highlights:

  • 01:38 – Did you saw the pandemic coming?


  • 03:46 – How are we going to stand strong? What are some things you must do right now?


  • 05:31 #TAKEAWAY 1 – Check out Teresa’s other podcast at unresolved life where she talked about the epidemic.


  • 06:10 – Going online is the new normal!



  • 11:20 – He is the one who ignites the relationships and passion for the people to connect.


  • 14:17 – As believers, We(podcasters) approach things a little bit different than the world does. We need a place where we can gather together and learn from each other!


  • 18:02 #TAKEAWAY 3 – Join Misty’s interactive Christian summit. Along with the educational and inspirational portion, you will also be having small group times where you can meet other people and get inspired from them!


  • 19:43 – Time is short and people need help!



Remarkable quotes


“2020 was not like anybody expected”


We do have that connection, that human connection with other ways to prevent loneliness and depression!


“We need to continue to gather together…..”


God has given podcasters a voice for such a time to share messages of hope that can travel around the world.”



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