Would you like to finally have a way to reach the people God has for you to reach with the message he has laid on your heart?

Would you like someone with 20 plus experience in business and ministry to walk with you along the way?

Would you like to shorten that learning curve and finally launch the ministry or business you’ve been dreaming of?

You’re in the right place.

Hello, my name is Teresa Blaes I have been in the ministry for over 10 plus years, and actively built multiple businesses for 12 years.

What does this mean for you?

It means I am the go-to person for launching your new God-given venture.

And I want to work with you, to help you bring to life the vision that has been burning inside your heart.

We both know you can go it alone, try and piece things together, or you can short cut the learning curve, and let me help you.

Here’s how it works.

Each business day you can send me one Voxer message a day with your question, or e-mail.

I will answer within a 24 hour period.

That’s 250+ days a year you can seek out my support and ask anything 🙂

What is the best way to start a ministry?

How do I go about starting a business with a shoestring budget?

What kind of product could I put out as an offer in my industry?

Can business and ministry be the same thing? By the way, the answer is yes.

You will be invited to schedule one zoon meeting once payment is completed to kick things off.

One year of coaching access is $999

Or 12 payments of $97 per month

This is an introductory offer and it will be going up once a minimum quota of clients is met.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is your coaching really only $1000 for the year?

A: Yes I don’t believe you have to have a high price tag to deliver value to those who want to serve the Kingdom of God.

Q: Are you going to be the one sending me replies?

A: Answer Yes it will be me sending the replies.

Q: Does one business question daily mean only one reply?

A: I may ask additional questions for clarity on one single topic as needed so there may be a little bit of back and forth.

Q: What is Voxer? I’ve never heard of it.

A: Voxer is a smartphone app that acts like a walkie talkie.

Monthly Payments

Annual Payment