Another Lost Effort

Go ahead,

Burn that bridge,

And say hello to death 

I’ll sit back

and watch your breath expire.

Your on the edge of eternal peril,

you reach out for someone to rescue you

from the coming fall

Yet the only one that can save you,

Is the one you refused

So don’t blame me when the grave overtakes you,

Your blood won’t be on my hands

Before my God I did my best,

To help you understand

 Yet I don’t say this with glee,

Indeed I weep to see you turn away.

But what could I say?

He still stands at the door and knocks,

Listen just  remove the lock and Let him in,

And watch him wash you white as snow  and save you from your sin 


Bloody Hands?

How many pages left blank,

How many lives left unchanged

How many pieces left undone,

Can the numbers be counted of souls not yet won?

How many chapters not yet written,

How many souls not yet forgiven?

How much blood will be on our hands,

Because we didn’t give his word when we had the chance?


War Zone

Careful now as you step inside

The war zone that is my mind

Avoid the craters and the pits

And the shrapnel lodged within.

Embedded deep where none can see

The casualties remain  

Apply a tourniquet stop the bleeding.

A healing hand beckons

But I can’t, or do I fear revealing

The cause behind the scenes of these weaponized memories.

 can I truly be free?

the choice remains with me.


Wolf’s cry

The phone rings once again,

Its you on the other end.

Talking of how you’re gonna leave him,

I’ve heard it all before,

Refuse to be devoured

By your empty scorn

how your rants fill the night,

You can’t take it any more,

Yet you have not the courage to walk out that door.

You continue to speak, but should you be believed?

As it happens, I’ve come to see.

Your complaints remain empty

Yet even in this, I still love you.

Please stop crying wolf

I can tell  the truth from the lies

Shadow of Judgement

Hung on a tree, between two thieves,

drops of crimson trickling down, for you and me

a  spectacle of fearsome deeds,

man’s final remedy.

Is he is a dangerous one?

Stirring the people up,

Daring them to believe,

That he is a savior, a king.

He saved others, but he can’t save himself.

Abuse and scorn they heap

The ultimate mockery

Until the shadow falls and he screams

My god my god, why have you forsaken me.

And so the comedy becomes a drama for all the world to see

Then the Father steps in,

And all hell is laid on him

Covered in sin, the father has to look  away

And when the shadow lifts they hear him say,

It is finished, account fully paid

Writer’s Block

I am sitting here, solitary, alone.

Longing to write, mind is blank,

river of words refusing to flow.

begin typing, hoping that something of worth

will trickle onto this page.

In search for inspiration,

Look to his word

yet come up with nothing.

realization dawning, eyes opening wide,

I am cracked, useless, parched and empty.

My efforts have all been in vain,

I relied on my own strength.


Oh God, can you please give me something this day?

I go silent, listen and wait,

And then it comes in a peaceful wave,

“these are the things that I have given you to say”

Social Insecurity

Deliver to me a crumb from the master’s table.

You call it a gift, but I am left malnourished,unstable.

scrape and fight for what should be mine,

yet I am denied for refusal to supply

a monthly offering of wages and earnings.

To the beast of all beasts, the red taped machine.

Howling, screaming, never relinquishing,

it’s vice grip upon me

Its eyes see only the color of green,

mind set flowing through the filter of greed.

The beast has opened its jaws,

its razor sharpened teeth plunged in to me.

All because I refused to supply

an offering of wages and earnings.


Broken Sky

Set your eyes to the broken sky

and say good bye to those that said that you would never rise.

For there is no coming in the blink of an eye.

2000 years we’ve waited,

for that heavenly horn to sound

There is no hope for divine restoration.

still you believe,

Hoping that this world is not all there is to see.

Waiting for the trump to sound,

and his voice calling you home

Whom shall we serve?

Play for keeps, lose everything.

Force a grin, aim to please,

 While inward peace remains elusive.

Now the rules have changed 

Stop the presses, Lets rearrange,

time  to remove pleasure’s stain

Breathe anew heavenly thought,

For eternal purpose we have been bought.

No longer does sin rule over man,

Rather it’s covered by the sacrificed lamb.


What Words Cannot Convey

Desperately craving,

Words can not convey

The depth of my longing,

To see your face.

 In the light of your love,

I’ve come to realize,

It is deeper than deep,

Beyond understanding.


For the heavens declare your glory,

night after night they tell your story.

 Yet  your heart is broken in agony,

When your people raise their fists and scream,

That belief in you is a fleeting dream.


For the fool says in his heart that you are not real,

And they take no account of how that makes you feel.


For the signs are clear, why can’t we see,

That you sent your only Son to die and rise in three?